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Interview with Sheridan Grout

When did you start producing music? Have you always produced trance?  I started producing music in my first year of university which was about 8 years ago now, feeling old haha. I started with electro house actually but then quickly moved to producing trance.  How long were you producing before one of your tracks were signed to a record label? What did it mean to you to have the support of a record label? My first signing and release was Orbit on AVA in April of 2016, so at that point in time I had been producing for 6-7 years. To get the support was not only validating but more-so really encouraging and lit a fire under me to continue releasing music. This year, you’ve released tracks on Armada & Excelsior but most of your tracks have been released on AVA. With consistent releases and playing label nights, it seems you have become one of the faces of AVA. What’s your relationship like with AVA, a label that has been very supportive of your music? I have a great relationship with AVA and feel thankful that I’ve had such a great home label to grow on and find my place in the industry. I think it’s important to have a familiar label that fans can expect your releases to come from and associate your sound with and that’s AVA for me. In 2019, you’ll see more releases from me on AVA and Armada.

Sheridan Grout B2B Sam Laxton at Amsterdam Dance Event

You’re currently on a European tour with AVA. Is this your first time playing in Europe? It is my first time playing in Europe! It’s very exciting to see your music be able to take you across the world to share it with other people. I’m hoping I’ll be returning again shortly. What is it like to play in Europe versus Canada?  I think every city has a different type of audience but there are enough similarities between Montreal and Europe that it doesn’t feel all that different playing to a European crowd as opposed to a crowd in Montreal. What’s the trance scene like in Ottawa?  It’s expanding rapidly, we have seen the trance events in Ottawa grow significantly this year which is amazing to see. I think next year Ottawa will re establish itself as a trance hub for international artists.

Which Sheridan Grout track best represents your sound? Good question! I would say "The Last Word" does. In 2019, I have a few vocal releases coming out along that style Why do you love trance? I love the emotion of trance music. Getting lost in it, the journey. That’s what makes trance music special to me.  Do you have any upcoming releases and/or gigs? A ton of upcoming releases, I think I’ll have a release every month in 2019 if not more so stay tuned for a ton of new music. I can’t say anything yet relating to gigs but hopefully more info soon :)

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