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Interview with Cold Blue

Welcome to Toronto! Have you played in Toronto before?

No, it’s my Canada debut.

What have you heard about the Canada trance scene?

Lovely people, amazing atmosphere and vibe. I met some many Canadians at Dreamstate, two weeks ago and they are lovely people. Many Canada flags.

What’s it like to play at Dreamstate?

It’s a dream! Well it was my best show ever. I don’t why, I don’t know how but it was amazing. So much love.

What’s it like to play a trance festival with so many huge trance artists?

Sometimes frustrating because you don’t have time to meet all the guys you’ve always wanted to meet. You don’t have time to see all those cool sets from the DJ’s. It’s amazing that there is a place on Earth, where this can happen. 4 stages only trance, I think Luminosity is the biggest one outside Dreamstate when we take out all of the commercial trance.

Is Dreamstate a place to start collaborations with other artists?

Maybe? I always follow my heart and see where it feels right to collaborate.

Who introduced you to trance or dance music?

It was in the early 90’s, probably the tv stations that played all those classics. (William Orbit) “Adagio For Strings” (Ferry Corsten Remix), that was played on tv back in the days. It was such a nice video with the tree.

Are those artists that have influenced your sound when producing music?

Yeah, definitely Ferry Corsten, Airbase (back in the days). I don’t know where he (Airbase) is now, he kinda disappeared. He was a great influence.

When did you start producing music?

Maybe around 2000? When I was around 15 or 16, a long time ago.

What is like to see trance grow and evolve from 2000 to 2017?

I’ve never thought about that. It’s kind of feels the same but I think it keeps getting better and better because of the sound quality. I also really like trance music because you can really perfect the sound and create cool landscapes of sound. The technology is getting better and better.

How much has your sound/music changed since you started producing?

I hope it’s gotten better. I was always into melodies, melodies are a must for me. Whenever I try and make a techno track, it always ends up being a trance track because it has to be melodic.

People have said “2017 has been a comeback for trance”.

What are your thoughts on the current trance scene?

From my perspective, this year has been amazing definitely for me. I think it was always there, maybe the places on the planet changed? At the moment it’s Argentina, Belfast, Northern Ireland and it’s getting so big at the moment. We play events with so many thousand people. In Germany, the scene is really small. Maybe it goes in circles?

What is it like travelling to countries around the world, playing trance and it connects with so many people at such an emotional level?

It’s really amazing and I had no idea how good it would be. It started for me, one or two years ago when I played out more often. It’s always the same it’s love for music and the connection between people. It’s amazing, it’s a good feeling. It feels like peace and we need more peace.

2017 is winding down and I wanted to ask you about some of the highlights of 2017?

What was your favourite event of 2017?

Dreamstate, Argentina, Belfast (Northern Ireland), I had good moments in Paris. I’m really so excited to play all of these places this year. It’s hard to pick one favourite but if I had to pick one. I would say Dreamstate.

What is your favourite Cold Blue track that your released this year?

“On The Outside”, Once In Time” or “Speed Of Life”.

Is it tough choosing your favourite production?

It is tough because they are all my babies.

What is your favourite track (2017) from another producer?

Eco & Driftmoon “Trust In The Wind”, lovely track. I pick that one.

What was your favourite moment of 2017?

I had so many moments of this year, where I thought that I have never had such a good moment like this one. I keep getting more and more. I can’t answer that question.

What are your plans for 2018?

Just keep following the flow, enjoying life and doing what I love. Don’t let any fears lead me to dark places. Just live the life and the love and do great music.

Where do you get inspired for your creativity to produce music?

In nature, by listening to other music, by meeting people. I had two weeks in Argentina this year after my show in Buenos Aires, I had two weeks holidays where I didn’t do any music. I came back and there was so much music in me that wanted to get out. So making no music at all can also be inspiring. You get so much input in life and I think after input, there comes output. This is my inspiration.


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