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Interview with Orjan Nilsen (ASOT800)

You just got off the ASOT MainStage, how was it?

"It's hard to describe it because I still have chills down my spine. That was insane, seeing all of those people going nuts to all my tracks and new tracks I made that they haven't even heard before. That's one of the most fulfilling things ever.

Do you remember your first A State of Trance set?

Yes, it was A State of Trance 500 in a tiny room in Den Bosch, NL. Everybody was crazy, it was jammed packed in that room and they actually had to close the corridor. I had tears in my eyes after I was done.

It's amazing to hear that it's still so emotional for you.

I mean this is not just a job, this is my passion. It's my life. Seeing that people are getting into that state because of me playing there, it's humbling. It's amazing.

You've been at this a long time, what's it like to watch trance music grow and evolve as a trance DJ/producer?

I gotta be honest with you, the past few years I had never expected it to blow up like this. Basically because a lot of people thought that trance was underground but I think the potential of other people liking it too, just the melodies itself is insane. It's good to see that more people from the underground scene are coming to other countries as well. It's great to see.

You have released 10 Years of Ørjan, the last couple years. Is there a track that is still special to you?

There's quite a few, actually. Obviously, the one that is the most special to me is a track called "La Guitarra", which I made in the memory of my brother who passed away in 2007 of cancer. That track I made in January 2008 and I wasn't even supposed to release it but it ended up having to be released because Armada needed a track. This was the one tracks that I could give them because I couldn't produce after that. That was the one thing that I produced after my brother died. That ("La Guitarra") will always be special to me.

With music as passion, does that help you through a time like that?

Music is therapy, no doubt. No matter what kind of track you get from me, there is always some sort of emotion in it. Even if it's a party mood or being really sad, heartbroken, happy, in love, it's always there. There's always some kind of emotion in my track.

When you introduce you someone to your music, what track do you play them?

There are 3 tracks. One track is "La Guitarra" because I know a lot of people like that track. Another track is a track called "Between The Rays". There one tracks that has apparently made a lot of people fall in love with my music. That's a track called "Hurricane" a track that I made with Christina Novelli, about 4 years ago. That track seems to stick with people a lot, which is really good to hear.

It's always nice to hear from your opinion, which track you think you should introduce your sound to.

Well, it's like the "Hurricane" tracks as well. The voice of Christina Novelli is absolutely angelic and she just complimented that track so well. I was really proud when that track was done.

How would you describe your sound?

Impossible to describe because I'm a bit of everything. I'm always trying and testing out boundaries and pushing boundaries as well. Lets go like this. Rhythmic, Energetic and Melodic.

Why do you love trance?

Because the way it makes you feel. A State of Trance, for example like what Armin said as well. It's not about the genre, it's about the feeling. That's why I love trance. It makes you feel.

Is there a track right now that brings you into A State of Trance?

Yes! There's actually quite a few. Especially, Cosmic Gate featuring JES "Fall Into You'. I dream myself away hearing that track. There's a couple of other harder tracks that I actually like too. Dazepark "Rift", people should check that track out. It's funky as hell, I played it tonight (ASOT800). It's an awesome track. Actually one of my own tracks, which I cannot tell you the name of, yet.

Is there an album on the way? Release date?

Yes! Definitely on the way. It's going to be out late summer, I'm guessing late August-Early September (maybe Fall).

Can you reveal any collaborations? Have you released any that are on the album?

Nope. I've got a lot of collaborations coming up and I cannot say much yet until they are all done.

No there are no collaborations that I have released that are on the album.

Is "Iconic" on the album?

Yes, that was my first single that was on the album.

When will next single be released?

The next single is coming out soon. It's called "The Hardest Part", it's (sort of) a collaboration between me and a vocalist from Switzerland called Rykka. She was actually the singer for Switzerland during the Eurovision Song Contest. She has an absolutely angelic voice, the track is called "The Hardest Part". I have high hopes for that one.

When you produce a track, how do you decide when a track goes instrumental or you add a vocalist?

That is hard to say. Sometimes I actually make a track visualizing a vocal in my head and then obviously I start to build it, make it and arrange it the so there is room for a vocal. Sometimes, you know what I'm just going to cut out this part and I'm going to make a melody. This an instrumental. It's happened quite a few times, actually.


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