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Kickstarting a Festival | Ever After Music Festival Pre-Party

The 2019 Edition of Ever After Music Festival celebrated it's 5th Anniversary with the addition of a 4th Day to the festival. Ever After Music Festival began as a two day event and in expanded to a 3 day festival (Friday-Sunday) in 2016.

With the exponential growth of Ever After Music Festival, the event seized the opportunity to grow with a Pre-Party on Thursday evening prior to the officially opening on Friday (Day 1). The Pre-Party featured local artists Tritonix, Bill Slinton and Headliners Yellow Claw, Moody Good & Zia. The newly developed Second Stage (also known as "On The Grand") hosted the Pre-Party with Ever After Eats, an Asian food with over 12 different vendors/eateries.

The Experience

The Second Stage of Ever After received major upgrades from last year's Second Stage offerings. This year, the second stage featured multiple bars, a water/hydration station for refilling water bottles & Camelbaks, the Ever After Eats food market, VIP Deck and an increased capacity for larger crowds. The location of Second Stage is situated at front of the festival grounds situated on top of the hill providing views of the expansive festival grounds with the Main Stage and Camping grounds in the distance.

The atmosphere of the Pre-Party felt like a stand alone festival with high caliber artists, plentiful amenities and the anticipation of the festival weekend ahead. If you were not attending the festival during the weekend, the Pre-Party was fulfilling and teased what to expect or missing out on during the next 3 days.


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