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Interview with Kill Them With Colour

Kill Them With Colour

Music has always been the driving creative force in KTWC’s life. As a child, growing up in France and Trinidad, he was deeply influenced by Deep Forest, Dancehall and Reggae music. After moving to Canada and studying music, his musical taste buds evolved to electronic music and later matured to its present day free-form genre that it’s best known for today. Much like the innovative music he creates, "Kill Them With Colour" is a term inspired by his childhood, a saying his mother (a visual artist and fashion designer) used to say to describe art and how a little bit of love and colour, could make anything stand out even more. This is how KTWC has approached his music to date. While he proudly describes his genre as “unclassifiable”, the term 'Kill Them With Colour" describes his style best. KTWC has mastered the art of intertwining multiple genres to produce songs -- each one carrying a life and personality of its own. Much like the spectrum of colour, KTWC has created his own palette of sound, tapping into unexplored sub-genres of music and further cementing himself as an artist to watch.

How has your sound evolved throughout your career?

It really comes down to expanding my lens. The more I travel, the more I wanna incorporate what I find in the world into the music I create. Your music has been supported by Pete Tong, The Chainsmokers, Chase & Status + more. As a producer, what does the support of influential artists mean to you and how has it affected your career?

It means much so me that people support my music regardless of if they're headlining artists or just fans. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today so I’m just grateful to be able to do what I love for a living.

You produced Kapri’s single “Deeper” which went to #1 on Spotify and received critical acclaim, leading to a Juno nomination. With the success of “Deeper”, do you feel pressure to produce a song that will exceed the success of “Deeper” or does that even cross you mind?

Well I do now! But in all seriousness, not really, because I’m just doing what I love and everything that comes along with it is just a really nice bonus. So I don’t think about it too much, but Kapri and I are working on another banger, so keep an eye out for that. On June 22nd, you’ll be performing alongside Kapri for Toronto’s Pride Opening Party at Young-Dundas Square, which is sure to be an incredible atmosphere. What has been your most memorable performance/set to date? What made the set so special?

I’m really looking forward to the Pride Opening Party! Most memorable performance would have to be playing with Pete Tong in Denver and Vancouver. The dude is a legend and I’ve been listening to his show ever since I started making music, so it was a completely surreal experience. Is there a story behind your artist name, Kill Them With Colour?

Yes! As a child growing up in Trinidad, my mother would always use the term when describing visual art but also referring to a palette of sound. I’ve also made so many different genres that the name kind of fit as well. I’m mixing sounds that work, the same way someone would see the mix of colours and how complementary they are to each other.

Loving the new track “Coastal”, with the summer vibes. (Supported on EDM Weekly Radio.) Are you currently working on a follow up or an Album/Ep in the near future? If so, what can we expect?

Thank you! Yes, actually I’m dropping an EP on PRMD and Haven Sounds on July 13th. The whole island vibe with the music has always been a large part of my influence but I expect to continue designing sounds that complement but elevate what I’ve done with the Coastal EP.

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