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Ameria is a Hungarian-born DJ and songwriter now based in Los Angeles. After having two No. 1 hits on the national charts and on the Top 10 Beatport chart, Ameria’s career quickly took off – and she signed a deal with Sony Music and Warner Brothers. In 2014, she relocated to United States to create her own sound and enrolled in UCLA and Dubspot for Music Production. Inspired by Florence and the Machine, Diplo and Sia – Ameria’s songs are packed with pop melodies that show off her broad vocal range including her high falsetto, sitting on a massive self-produced bass/trap beats.

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Garrett Gaudet catches up with Ameria for a Q&A 

 When producing a new track, do you have the same approach (routine or writing process) to every track or is it different for every production?


"It’s kind of all over the place. I was a songwriter before I started producing, which puts me into an interesting place when it comes to making a song. If I hear a chord progression or a simple loop of a guitar, some kind of melody will come to me. I get inspired very easily but it’s also a curse, because I have to stop and record my topline idea before I can move on with the beat. If I hear the beat too many times, I have difficulty writing to it later because it gets stuck in my head. 


My approach to making the beat itself is pretty different all the time but I always have the basic topline idea recorded at an early stage of production. Sometimes I don’t even touch Ableton and come up with the topline concept in Logic. From there, I record a demo of a full acapella and then go to Ableton to produce the beat around it – it’s like I’m a remixer of myself!"

What inspires your creativity to produce/write music?


"I’m inspired from the most random things. Sometimes I sit in traffic and come up with the full concept of lyrics on the spot, and record it on my phone. I went through a very interesting change in my life when I moved to Los Angeles from another country. My past experiences give me a lot of content and I have to go back to all of those deep feelings to find the right energy to write music."

When did you start to believe in your music and begin making music as a career?


"When I was 17-years-old, I started out in a Hungarian rock group playing shows as the lead singer/writer. Then a DJ formation called “Clickaholics” wanted me to do a topline for one of their songs. The song went No. 1 on the charts in Hungary and it created a lot of buzz for me, so I got other people calling me to do the same thing for their tracks. One of those tracks charted on “Beatport Top 10” and got significant radio play along the pick-up on MTV. From there, I realized that I wanted to do this for a living under my own brand. Producing came two years later after I graduated from University, and decided to go to UCLA for music production. That was the most hardcore decision of my life so far, and I’m glad that I did it."

How has your life changed since your move from Hungary to Los Angeles?


"My life changed 100%. I didn’t even know what I really signed up for when I moved to LA. If someone would have warned me about the difficulty to make it, I probably would have reconsidered. When I moved here, I realized that I didn’t even know myself that well. I didn’t know my own strength. I was so scared of Los Angeles kicking my ass that I dug deep inside of myself and found “another me.” Hungary is a completely different world. I’m grateful for the experience though, because it makes me feel very powerful. I faced my fears and dealt with them, and that was a super-useful lesson."

AMERIA -Chained To You (Official Music Video)

Love the new single “Chained To You”, any upcoming projects & new music in the near future?


"Thank you! I am glad that listeners are gravitating toward “Chained to You.” I have two more singles with videos coming out this summer that were filmed around the same time as “Chained to You.” My team and I are super-excited to share more music with audiences across the globe. I’m in the studio almost every day working on new ideas when I am not DJing or making videos of Diplo’s ass backstage. LOL (Kidding)"

Diplo playing "Chained To You"

Courtesy Ameria (Instagram)

Have any tour dates for 2016 been announced? If so, when and where?


"My team is working on tour dates for the upcoming fall, and we will be sharing info real soon. Although dates have not been officially announced, all touring information will be added to my website and social media."


Alvin Woods, The Media Model

Greg Cayea, Black Apple International

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