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When 4KORNERS takes the stage, expect a high-energy performance like no other. A veteran DJ of the international club scene, he has now turned his attention to creating the music he uses to move crowds. Born and raised in cultural mosaic that is Toronto, Canada, his sound is bass heavy electronic music deeply rooted in hip hop, with the caribbean, rock, funk and pop music influences of his upbringing. Couple that with the sounds he continues to discover along his travels as a DJ and what you get is a truly unique perspective on music.

As a DJ, his resume speaks for itself. He does regular club shows in his hometown and across Canada, including his post as Official DJ of the NBA's Toronto Raptors, playing to 20,000 people at every home game for the past 11 seasons. He was also the 2016 NBA All Star Game DJ. Add to that his rigorous tour schedule which takes him to clubs & concerts worldwide and it's no wonder why he is regarded as one of Canada's top DJs, and has won numerous awards along the way. Further, frequently playing events with, hosted and attended by A-Listers including Drake, Kanye West, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Puff Daddy, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and countless others only adds to his already impressive resume. 
4KORNERS music has caught the ear of some of the biggest names in the business as he as received support from Skrillex, DJ Snake, Vice, Just Blaze, Dillon Francis, and Flosstradamus to name a few. His single "WORK", a collaboration with Diplo run label Mad Decent's TWRK was a staple from clubs to festivals for an entire year. His remix of Joe Ghost's "LIBG" released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records helped solidify him as one to watch, and his upcoming releases will prove that 4K is here to stay.

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Garrett Gaudet catches up with 4KORNERS for a Q&A 

For many artists/DJ’s, one dream is to perform in front of thousands of people at major festivals and large venues. How did you land the job as the Official DJ for the Toronto Raptors? 

"You're so right. And even though I've been doing it for over a decade (yeah....time flies), it's still crazy to me that I play in front of 20,000 people 2-3 times a week. It's actually insane. How it came about was a classic case of preparation meeting opportunity. I, and my partner at the time, were spinning at a corporate event for ROOTS Canada, and one of the execs from Maple Leaf Sports Ent. was there. She came up and was gushing about how much she loved what we were doing, and slipped me her card saying "We're thinking of adding a DJ to the Raptors game entertainment, would you be interested?" Skip ahead 11 seasons later, here I am!"

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During the last few seasons, the Air Canada Centre has become known around the NBA and Canada for the electric energy during Toronto Raptors home games. What is it like influencing and creating the atmosphere for the 20,000+ fans inside the ACC? 

"Being a major part of this movement we have in Toronto and with the Raptors is surreal. Years later when I look back I'm sure I'm gonna remember this time, these years, as a pivotal time in my career. It's obviously electric at home in Toronto, but it's really dope to me how big a deal we've become worldwide. Everywhere that I go on this planet, there are people that come to my shows wearing Raptors gear, asking me about Toronto, about Drake etc. People all over the globe are behind us and our movement. I'm loving all the support!"

Does your set preparation change depending on the venue and show, or is the preparation similar for each 4KORNERS set? 

"Honest answer, not a whole lot. I'm not just a DJ, I'm 4KORNERS. I'm an artist with my own style, vision and I have something to say through my music. So when I get brought in to Dubai, or Paris or Shanghai, the point is for me to bring something different to the table. Why bring me in to play a similar set to what the resident DJs play every week? So I kinda just do me, while paying attention to where I am and sliding in a few local hits. Like when I'm in Amsterdam I do my homework and get a few hot Dutch hip hop records that I'm "not supposed to know" and surprise people with them. That kind of thing always goes over well. Did I even answer your question? Lol. Short answer, no my set prep doesn't change that much. I do me. I play what I love, I read the crowd, I give them what they need."

What inspires your creativity to produce music as 4KORNERS? 

"I've been DJing for a long time. Over 15 years. The rush that we feel as DJs when we throw on a record and the crowd goes crazy is indescribable! I started making my own music just out of necessity to create. I've played various instruments throughout my life and my Dad was a musician - it's always been in my blood. But now that I've started doing it....put it this way. The rush that I'm used to from playing other people’s music is nothing compared to the feeling of seeing people react to music that I made myself! It's like the rush on steroids! I'm addicted now, and I want to feel that feeling as much as possible. That's the beauty of being a Producer / DJ. Instant gratification! I can make a track today and play it at a show tonight, see what people like it, tweak it and try it again tomorrow. Constant relevant feedback. It's a perfect situation for a creative like myself."

4Korners Spins Best of Drake @ Toronto Raptors "Drake Night"

The new single “Told Me Shake It” sounds great, are there any upcoming projects, collaborations and or new music in the near future? 

Thank you, man. "Told Me Shake It" was meant to be just a fun, high energy banger for the summer. I've been playing it at my shows and on radio all over my current tour and the response has been unbelievable. The video will be dropping in August so look out for that too. This is the first single on my new label, Wrong Angle Records, and there is LOTS more where that came from. I'll be dropping my EP this fall with more solo music plus a couple very cool collaborations. Stay tuned for that, it's gonna be a ride!

What are your tour dates for 2016, are there any specific events or venues you are looking forward to playing? 

"I'm currently on tour across North America, Europe and Asia promoting the single. I'm really looking forward to my shows in a few places I haven't played yet like London and Taipei, plus super stoked to play again in Amsterdam, Shanghai and one of my favs, Kuala Lumpur! The rest of the year I'll be all over the map. To find out where I'll be, the best thing to do is to stay up on my socials @4KORNERS on Instagram and Twitter, 4KORNERS on Facebook and of course my favourite - its4KORNERS on Snapchat. Catch me if you can!"



Perry Gilman -Madison House 

Massimo Grisafi - I*AM

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